Sunday, October 21, 2007

SP11 Gift Package

SP11 Gift Package
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Here's the pile of goodies from my Secret Pal -- I forgot to mention the adorable little tin of Tootsie Rolls in last post!

I spent Friday night at the new location for the LYS where I work and teach classes trying to help get everything set up in the new space. I also spent most of today over there -- it's almost done and it's going to be great once we have it all arranged. Though, we usually move things around at least twice a month so it will take time to get all the yarn in the right place! Especially since I know there are shipments of Rowan, Mission Falls, Berrocco and Encore Worsted on on a truck to us.

P.S. We got almost 6 inches of snow this morning; I guess Winter is on his way.


Kristen said...

The tootsie roll song popped into my head.

You got snow? I'm in Canada and I didn't get any snow. In fact, I could have gotten a sunburn today if I'd taken any longer hanging out the laundry.

virtuella said...

Wow, it is only raining here!

Hope you are ok!