Saturday, December 30, 2006

Side Note...

A friend mentioned to me today that she was worried when she saw in my blog that my husband was out of town for a few days earlier this month.

So this is a public note to any nutters out there: We have two large boxer dogs. One is a large male who has been through protection training by someone who trains K-9 unit (police) dogs. The other is a female who was rehomed to us so because we are willing to work with her and her aggression issues towards people and other dogs. Both dogs are extremely protective of me, my house and my knitting.

I also have a very large broadsword in the house and would have no qualms about taking an intruder's head off. Remember in some states it is legal to use lethal force to protect your home.

The end.

My Silly Husband

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Even though our anniversary isn't until tomorrow, Dirk got his sweater last night -- I'm terrible about holding onto a present for someone. I was just so excited to give it to him.

He loved it and as soon as he got it out of the wrapping, he put it right one.

(Please ignore the pile of shoes in the photo -- with all the snow we've had we've accumulated a ton of boots by the front door...)

Note: Dirk is also wearing a hat I knitted him and his felted clogs. :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dirk's Sweater 2006

Dirk's Sweater 2006
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Here's where I was yesterday afternoon. Last night I finished the first sleeve and started the second sleeve.

Obviously the sweater didn't get completed in time for Christmas, but our wedding anniversary is this weekend, so I'm hoping to have it done for then!

The sweater is laying on top of one of my husband's favorite sweaters so that I could check the size -- and they are almost exactly the same.

The grey faced boy in the photo is an extremely nosy boxer dog who refused to get out of any of the shots I was trying to take. He just turned 10 years old, so he'd allowed to be a pain in the ass....that and I adore him. :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Still working on the Christmas Sweater....

raglan top down sweater
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I'm about 9 inches into the 16 inches of the body, then I've got the sleeves to finish.

Not bad progress considering it's been on the needles just about a week and I can only work on it when my husband isn't around -- which is difficult when we both work out of the house!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

First go at lace socks!

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I cast these on Sunday morning, but haven't worked on them at all this week as I'm taking advantage of the empty house to work on Dirk's Christmas sweater instead!

(By popular request the pattern is:

My perspective on knitting looks like....

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Here's the typical set up of me knitting:

- sitting cross legged on the futon
- Allie tucked up against me so that I periodically bonk her on the head with my left elbow
- on the ottoman is the home phone, the cable remote, my cell phone, a pen, pattern notes and a cup of tea.

Top Down Raglan Crew Neck

Top Down Raglan Crew Neck
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Husband has been dropping not so subtle hints that he would *love* a while he's out of town this week, I'm knitting like a mad woman trying to get as much of this project done as I can!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Finished Object: Fetching Mitts....

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Ok, so the photo doesn't really show the finished project real well - but damn, Allie's cute isn't she?

The yarn is some Encore Marble that has been floating around in the yarn chest for about 10 months.

The pattern is super easy and quick; this one of more popular "one skein" projects of the year. This is my second pair and I've got some
exquisite green cashmere/merino blend yarn for pair number 3!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yet more socks....

I've had this sock yarn hanging around in the yarn bin forever -- actually it was some of the first sock yarn I ever bought at the old YarnArts location BEFORE I even knew how to knit socks. :)

Yarn Used: Schoeller Stahl Limbo Mexiko in Color 2587
Needle: Addi Turbo US 3 60" Magic Loop
Pattern: Based on Crazy Heels and Toe heel and math (toe up - two at once)

I cast these on on Tuesday night when I finished up the felted bag and got them completed through the first heel. Last night I finished the second heel and completed the leg all the way to the cast off. This morning I cast them off with the stretchy crochet cast off in the CTH book. I've got small feet so socks are a quick project for me; especially with thicker yarn and a US 3 needle.

Before I cast them on, I pulled out oodles of yarn from each ball trying to match up the pattern for identical socks. I finally got frustrated and figured I'd go with "fraternal" socks instead. About 15 rows into the socks, I realized that the two balls were wound in opposite pattern direction -- which I thought was very weird and I've never had this happen in self striping yarn?

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finished Object: Moebius Felted Bag

Pattern: Based loosely on a bag pattern from Cat Bordhi's Second Treasury of Magical Knitting.

Yarn Used: JJ's Handpainted Kaleidoscope(rainbow) and Galway Pure Wool Worsted Weight (purple)
Needles: US 11

Here's the bag unfelted, with Allie, a small boxer dog, for size reference (and tiny cat in the upper left corner...)

Here's the bag post felting (14 minutes in the washer). Again with Allie, the same small boxer dog, for size reference:

I love Cat's moebius knitting technique and have made a number of her projects. Once you get the hang of the cast on, the patterns are quick and easy to knit up.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Cabled Cardigan is DONE!

Well, ok it needs a zipper....but it's all knitted! The sleeves went remarkable fast and I'm so glad that I used the Magic Loop method instead of DPN. Especially, since I didn't have the right size DPN and didn't really want to have to buy a set.

And I love it and thrilled with how it turned out. Can you tell from Charlie, the cat's face how much he likes it as well?

I think he's jealous and wants his own sweater.

Here's another photo where I think you can see the cabling on the front a bit better: