Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Cabled Cardigan is Going Well!

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Here's an update on the cable front cardigan that I started recently. The raglan sleeves are waiting on stitch holders and now I'm just going round and round and round on the body.

The pattern calls for ribbing at the bottom, but I think I'm going to skip that bit. It also calls for the collar to be stitched in half towards the inside to give it weight, again I think I'm going to skip that and instead fold it to the outside.

I can't remember if the sleeves are supposed to be ribbed at the cuffs, but I don't think I'd like that either. I wonder if I could pick up stitched and make a cable around the cuff?

Other suggestions on a different cuff idea?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10 Knitterly Things You Don't Know About Me: A Meme

1. I'm not a "thrower", I knit continential.

2. I recently have taught myself to purl backwards so I don't have to turn my work. It makes for an easier time when using two colors -- no ball tangles!

3. I'm a lifeline addict when working on lace. My lace project has a lifeline at least every 10 rows.

4. Everyone knows I am a sock addict, but I'm shit at traditional heel flaps which is why I use short row heels.

5. When I learned to knit I just couldn't understand casting on and had to look at a picture everytime!

6. I tried to learn to knit two years ago, thought it was too hard and quit.

7. I'm obessive about finishing project and the thought of having UFO's hanging around bothers me. The only exception is my lace stole and that's because I can't knit longer than about an hour at a time on this on.

8. When I learned to knit, I made 1 or 2 scarves, got bored and jumped right to socks!

9. I can't knit when it's too quiet. I like watching TV, listening to a book on tape or being with friends.

10. I never leave the house without a knitting project. You never know when you'll have a few extra minutes!

So that's my list. Are you surprised by any of it? Or did you really already know all of these things about me?

Think Pink

In honor of the women who have touched my life and have been affected by breast cancer, I intend to "think pink" with my next project.

-- With each stitch I knit, I send out a prayer to each family who is devasted by this disease.

-- With each stitch I purl, I celebrate each family who has beat this disease.

-- With each row, I am grateful for the time I am still able to celebrate with my mother.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006

Cable Front Top Down Raglan Sweater

Typical of me, when I want to try something new I jump in with both feet. I started my first big sweater project over the weekend. It's a cardigan with a cable front and raglan sleeves. I'm knitting it top down so that I can avoid the whole seaming and adding sleeves issue.

The pattern is a Paton's booklet pattern I got from a friend who works at the LYS. I'm thrilled at my progress so far!

The pattern is fairly easy to read and the questions that stumped me were pretty stupid ones. (Example, the pattern said "place a marker in the stitch" for some reason I wasn't getting that I actually PUT THE MARKER IN THE STITCH. duh, then I was a little confused on the wording for the repeats but got that situated with one phone call to the very helpful friend, Debi, who gave me the pattern).

The yarn is Cascade Ecological Wool, which is one of my favorites.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Patriotic Socks

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I attended a weekend long workshop last weekend -- and because I know I can't sit still for very long I made sure I had knitting with me to keep me focused.

ta-da! Patriotic socks. Originally, I was going to make them tall socks, but when I tried them on at this length they screamed "WE'RE DONE!"

Aloha long tail cast-on
Magic Loop on US1
Short Row Heels
Fortissima sock yarn

These will be posted off in the mail to my mother this weekend. :)