Friday, October 26, 2007

Project Status

I turned the heel on my crosshatch lace socks in Trekking XXL the other night and now I'm working my way up the leg. It's still the wrong pattern/colorway combination but DAMN! these socks fit well! Husband has requested another pair of socks...ugh...knitting socks for his big feet takes 3 times as long as it does to make my little socks.

I'm trying to make myself knit 1 pattern repeats at least three times a week on the Branching Out scarf. I'll get some photos this weekend to share. It's coming along. Still not crazy about the mohair but I love the color and it is going to be really nice.

Mystery Stole What? Oh, yeah, Mystery Stole 3. It's going the path of MS2 which I let lay in the knitting bag for months and months and months before I just sat down with it. It requires a lot of concentration on both the pattern and the beads that it's hard to carve out time to work on it. It really needs a couple of hours at a stretch. I was invigorated when I saw someone else's completed MS3 earlier this week, it was gorgeous.

Husband has already requested a pair of fingerless gloves. I've never made gloves, but they can't be harder than beaded lace, can they? I found a good pattern, now I need a soft DK weight wool in a heathered grey. I'm also thinking I might want a superwash wool for these, though that isn't essential. I was flipping through the Knitpicks catalog last night, but that is dangerous waters....

Well, off to work!

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Marsha said...

I'm very interested in seeing how the Branching Out Scarf is something along. I've thought about trying that pattern, but I've seen only photos of the scarf wrapped/folded around someone's neck, and I'd love to see what it looks like flat.