Monday, April 02, 2007

Sockotta Sock Yarn

Socketta Sock Yarn
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A very dear friend gave me a surprise gift today -- Sockotta sock yarn! YIPPPPPPEEEEE! I've heard fabulous things about this yarn and I'm excited to give it a whirl. I love that it's a cotton/wool/nylon blend because it will make great summer socks! And my first pair towards the DenverKnits 5280 sock challenge. However, I must first
finish the lace socks currently on my favorite sock needle.

[Note: Rumor has it that this yarn may be coming to my LYS soon.]

I'm 3/4 of the way through the first lace repeat in my Wool Peddler's shawl, it's going very well -- FINALLY. I had a *very* rocky start on the lace which had me on the verge of tears and ready to throw the whole thing in the trash. I actually yelled at the cat for purring too loudly while I was trying to decipher the pattern. (snort) The pattern wasn't written clearly to me about where the markers go and when you increase stitches INSIDE of them. Then I found an extremely helpful worksheet online where someone had written out how many stitches were between which markers on which rows and now it's perfectly clear to me!!

Sweater Update: I picked up the stitches for the neck ribbing last night. Got it all done, looked at it and noticed that it was very apparent this was my first go -- the decreases were will-nilly, some were backwards -- all and all it looked like utter shit. I pulled them out, got some good advice a YarnArts and a fellow knitters blog. I'm now confident the neck will be completed tonight and I will be happy with the results.


Terri Lynn said...

You will love sockotta. It is by far the cushiest made up sock I have worn. Very, very cozy and comfy. I thought it may be a little cold with all the cotton, but not the case, my tooties stay nice, dry and perfect.

Kati said...

Cotton sock yarn, hmmm I think I had a conversation about cotton blend yarn with someone. . . who could that have been? I need a friend like that! Wherever do you find one.