Monday, January 01, 2007

Knitty Heart Scarf

This weekend's knitting project was super quick and easy! I started this scarf on Saturday afternoon and finished it yesterday. The pattern is from Knitty's Breast Cancer Awareness PDF.

It was knit with Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride Bulky. I did have to lightly block it to flatten the edges that wanted to roll due to the amount of stockinette stitch used. It could probably use another blocking -- I'm not really good at blocking due to impatience. LOL

I really like the pattern and it's a great introduction to lace patterns for someone who hasn't done much lace knitting. The bigger needles (US 15) and bulky yarn make it easy to see where you are in the pattern and learn to read your lace knitting. The finished scarf will go to YarnArts tomorrow as a store sample for Valentine's Day gift ideas. Doesn't Maxwell look charming in a pink scarf? He's obviously very sure of his manliness. My husband asked if the scarf was for him since it matched his pink MP3 player...laugh...

As a side note, this is the first time I'd worked with Lamb's Pride. I've been spinning for just a short time and have been frustrated with how my yarn looks - but while making this sweater, I realize that this is almost exactly how my spun yarn looks! At least it's not the overspun twisty stuff of my first tries at spinning!


MarlyKnits said...

What a lovely color!

I am working on some obnoxious orange socks for my BFF's husband in exchange for her finishing my nemisis.


Ruth Anne said...

I'm with you Pix... I've been spinning with a drop spindle for many years, years before I learned to knit. And I wondered about my spun yarn, and it's inconsistency too. I think it's because I'd always worked with machine made, acrylic yarn. Then I knitted my first adult sweater with Brown Sheep. And as I knitted I thought that too; it looks exactly like my homespun. Although mine is natural color. Someday, I'll learn to dye it. I've been tempted to get that jaquard dye kit from knit picks.
Anyway, love your new socks! They are great! Keep it up.
I'm knitting a pair right now for my photographer friend in exchange for a nice portfolio of my kids.
Happy Knitting and may the New Year Bless you richly!