Friday, January 26, 2007

Work in Progress: Brooke's Column of Leaves Scarf

Been working on a new scarf for myself since Dirk got the last one that I made. There area few (glaring to me) mistakes that suddenly have suddenly appeared too many rows back for me to think about ripping it all out without bursting into tears. The pattern isn't really hard but there was a weird stitch that I'd never done before that was throwing me a curve ball until I got some help in an online knitting community.

I'm eternally grateful (snort) to my husband for pointing one the mistakes out. Here's a peek at how the conversation went:

Me: "Look how far I've gotten on this scarf. I finally got that stitch worked out, but I'm leaving in the first bit where it went a little wrong. Can you tell?"

Him: "Not really, but what's up with that other spot that looks weird?"

Me: "What spot!?" (as I twist the scarf around to face me in a panic)

Him: "There...right below your thumb."

Me: "Shit"

Him: "erhm, uh, yeah, I can barely tell....(from all the way across a not very well lit room)."

Me: (holding up project with tiny tears ready to spill..) "Crap, there's another mistake'

Him: "I still love you even if you can't knit for crap"

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