Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mystery Stole Clue 1 done on both sides!

I finished up the second side of Clue 1 last night and started with 2 rows of clue at the top. The black thread is a lifeline for the start/stop of each clue as a 'just in case'

The only thing I don't like is the "stripes" being caused by my stitch markers -- I have no idea if this will work itself out in the blocking process as I have never blocked anything or worked with lace -- anyone have any suggestions?

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Nannette said...

the stitchmarker "stripes" should work themselves out after washing/blocking. If not, you can go back w/ a small needle and putz w/ the yarn until things snug up and it matches better.

I've noticed that when I use stitch markers that are wider than my yarn, I get stripes like that. Best stitch markers I've found for lace are the silicon rubberbands that Goody (and others) make.

Why are you using stitch markers for the stole? What's to mark?