Sunday, July 30, 2006

FO: Knit for a Cure Stole

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It's done -- finally. After a restart, ripping out the end, finishing it and then reripping out the end to rebind off -- it's done!! I love how it turned out and would like to make another, but not right now. I'm sick to death of k1, YO, Ktog, K1, YO, K2tog....

Yesterday I had a nice day sitting around YarnArts when I should have been at home working on the backyard gardens. However, it was much cooler sitting around a table yapping and knitting. Maxwell, my brindle boxer boy, had a nice time laying under the table napping as well. Maxwell has become quite the knitty dog. He attending the Denver Knitting Guild meeting with me last week where he showed off his ability to completely ignore having a hand spindle dropped on his head.

Speaking of the Guild, I joined last week after my second meeting. Everyone there is so nice, helpful and willing to share! Last week's speaker was from 'Spin Off' magazine and gave each of us a simple drop spindle (of falling on Maxwell's head fame) and a poof of roving -- it reminded me how much I like to spin and resparked my interest in looking for a new wheel. Dirk promised to take me up to Shuttle, Spindles and Skeins (or whatever order the name SHOULD be in..) in Boulder to take a look at some different wheels. Unfortunately, I just can't afford the wheel I would love to have, so I am willing to get something else until I hit the lottery!

I'm still work on the Clapotis and am 1/2 way through the center section. I *adore* the yarn and can't wait to see the project when it's all done.

Also, still plugging away at the Mystery Stole KAL. I am still on the first 1/2 of clue 2 and put in another few rows this mornings. I'd love to whip right through this, but that's just not going to happen. I can't knit this pattern quickly and don't want to risk making a tragic mistake because I'm impatient.

Dirk is working until close tonight, so I'll have plenty of "couch time" for the Mystery Stole!

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