Friday, July 07, 2006

Knit for a Cure Stole and a Small Rant

Knit for a Cure Stole
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I am working on a "Knit for the Cure" stole project. Click here for more information about the project. I picked up the yarn and pattern from a local Parker store for myself and a friend. We both started it at the same time and about the same time realized that there is NO way we were going to have enough of the yarn to get to the required 60". So, we called the person we got the pattern from and she told me she thought she might have the same issue and would try to find out what we needed to do.

In the meantime, I called a Denver yarn shop who is also participating in the event to get their opinion -- and got some snotty woman on the phone who snapped at me "Well, did you check your GAUGE?". I told the pattern didn't have a gauge specified on the sheet I got and I thought it was odd that 2 other people were having the same issue. Again, she told me in her best "I'm OBVIOUSLY a better knitter than you" voice, that I HAD to be doing it wrong and that there was MORE than enough yarn to get to the required 22 inches wide by 60 inches long. So, I hung up feeling like a complete nob.

I stomped upstairs and measured my project -- it's 19" wide unblocked. Hand stretching it I can get it barely to 22", which means I should have GOBS of yarn left. Which I don't.

Here's what I don't get....why did the woman have to be so snotty? Would it have killed her to be polite and helpful? I just don't get the snotty yarn store bitch attitude? I would NEVER get that attitude at my LYS -- YarnArts of Parker who are some of the most helpful and friendly people.

You can be damn sure what store will NEVER see a cent of money from me or a recommendation to shop there and I will share my view of them with anyone who asks if I've ever been there.

Small rant over.

07/10/06 EDIT: The pattern we were given was wrong resulting in the smaller size. I have had to frog out the whole thing and start over...sigh...

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Iris in Iowa said...

Did you ever figure out how much yarn this stole takes? And what weight yarn did you use? TIA
Iris in Iowa