Monday, July 02, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Mystery Stole 3
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Ok, so it's a crappy picture but as soon as I took it the camera batteries died.

The original plan was not to start this until Mystery Stole 2 was completed. However, I justified starting this because I've never worked with beads and starting now gave me the opportunity to ask questions during the knit-along.

Now the challenge will be to focus on MS2 when I *know* how much I like working with this Alpaca with a Twist Yarn. I also need to find a longer pair of needles for this project -- or be patient and wait until I am done with #2 so that I can use the US 3 needles that are on THAT project!

P.S. I have the *perfect* little bowl that I'm using to hold a couple of beads at a time for Mystery Stole 3 -- thank you Rebecca, my Secret Pal 10 spoiler!

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Tracey, in MI said...

looks great- we'll be twins---- IF I can finish YET again- since posting I had to rip back 2 times.....crap- I hate that.

Am going with US 3's as well... Addis... but I might switch to wood- having trouble with "slippage"