Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lutea Shell - Second Go Round

Lutea Shell - Second Go Round
Originally uploaded by BoxerPixie.
Well, here's what the project looks like this morning! I reballed all the yarn from the previous version last night and recast on with the smaller size!

Since I've already made this same project once this week, I'm thinking this will go quickly! However, I am also working more hours this week and have a Pampered Chef commitment on Saturday. My goal is to get this done in the next 7 days.

OH! And I got my Ravelry invite yesterday!! Yippeee!! Look for me under "PixieM"


Jeanne said...

Good luck with Lutea - I'm sure it will go faster the second time around! Jealous about Ravelry!

Kristen said...

Friended you!

Yarn Thing said...

Man, everybody is getting the Ravelry invite...but me :-( boo hoo!

Hey Pixie, have you joined the yet?