Monday, June 11, 2007

My Boxer Girl

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I was cleaning up photos on the digital camera and found this one of Allie; so I thought I would share.

Allie does not knit and could care less about knitting or yarn. Because of this she is not accompanying us to the Estes Park Wool Festival this weekend. She may however attend the Denver Knitting Guild Meeting this week because she DOES like to socialize.

If you don't know about Allie, she's my 6 year rescue boxer who came to us at 7 months old and had already been in 4 or 5 homes before being given up to Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue. By the time she got to our house she was people and dog aggressive due to the bouncing around from home to home at such a young age.

We fostered her for about a month, got her into an adoptable frame of mind and she was placed with a very nice family. Once in her new home, she copped an attitude, beat up the other boxer in the house and in general was a complete pain in the ass for couple of weeks that she stayed with that family. She was brought back to our house where she is now in charge of making sure the cushions are held down firmly on the couch for at least 5 hours a day. [Note: The family who brought Allie back to us was extremely nice and a different boxer was adopted by them when Allie was returned to us. They tried very hard to fit Allie in with their family, but apparently she was just meant to be with us.

Allie has been with us for the last 5+ years and has become a wonderful dog. She has passed her AKC CGC certification and is working on the responsibilities of being a therapy dog.

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