Sunday, June 17, 2007

Estes Park and Lutea Shell Progress

Went up to the Estes Park Wool Fest early yesterday morning and had a grand time. Can you believe all I bought was a Wet Felting Kit for $15.00? Well, I did also stop in at a friend's jewelry store in Estes and brought home a gorgeous Larimar ring with the money I didn't spend on yarn. The highlight of my day was scratching a yak on the nose and having him snuffle in my palm.

On Friday night I finished up the body of the Lutea shell! Woot! I set it aside to start the lace straps and luckily found the errata BEFORE I started. However, what I didn't find is that that errata was missing a key phrase from the designer...causing me much frustration last night that left me almost in tears and hitting the whiskey at 11:30 AM this morning.

And where does one turn in times like this? Googling for other knitting blogs, of course. I want to publicly thank Jeanne of Jeanne Knits, for emailing me back and indulging in my ramblings as I sorted out this pattern in my head even though I'm a complete stranger. I love knitters.

Hit the Farmer's Market this morning and got some new plants for the garden -- green sage, greek basil and rosemary. Also got some homemade dried Thai linguine that is destined for a peanut sauce with shrimp, 4 large cinnamon buns, 2 vanilla lattes and 2 breakfast burritos -- oh! and some blackberry creamed honey from the bee lady. A very good haul this morning. I was bummed that this season we haven't see the guy selling fresh sockeye salmon. I've got some red chard in the fridge that I would like to serve with salmon tonight, so I'll have to head to the grocery this afternoon.

Now that I have the Lutea lace pattern sorted, I'm off to knock out the right-back shoulder strap!

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Marsha Brofka-Berends said...

Wait--the errata had errata? Ugh.