Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lutea Lace Shouldered Shell

Lutea Lace Shouldered Shell
Originally uploaded by BoxerPixie.
The back is completed, so I thought I would share a photo before I ripped it all out. Yes, I'm ripping it out to start over.

I really should have pulled it on before I got this far....I have a warped sense of my size. I was between sizes so I chose the larger size and should have gone with my gut instinct and chosen the smaller one. It just feels too baggy and would look better more form fitting.

On the upside I am now really familiar with the pattern, have figured out the errors in the lace pattern plus I knitted what I have here fairly quick. I also don't like the curled edge at the bottom and am going to experiment with a turned under hem instead? Or maybe a garter stitch edge?


Kati said...


It looks beautiful. Since you are starting over, what about the same lace edge on the bottom? How many skeins of the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece did you use?

Jeanne said...

I did the same thing - and had to rip it out too! Yours is beautiful - love the color! I think the lace edge would be beautiful on the bottom - I did a garter stitch but wish I had done the lace. I finished mine, by the way - thanks for the help!