Monday, May 14, 2007

What's New with Me!

I couldn't live with the jacked-up handles versus bottom on Cotton String Bag #2, so I carefully undid the 3 needle bind-off, changed the bottom to a round bottom with smaller needles so that it is more solid. We tried it out a the farmer's market on Sunday morning and it did a fantastic job of holding 1 lb of pasta and a green chile breakfast burrito. :)

The yarn is Butterfly Cotton and it took one ball plus a bit from a second ball. I did like the heaviness of the Fantasy Naturale of the first bag better, but this was easier to knit with.

I also started a tank top with a center front cable in Crystal Palace Bamboozle in the Strawberry-Lime color.

And because I knit like I cook, patterns are occasionally just "suggestions" - so I am knitting this in the round instead of flat front/back pieces. Why seam if you don't have to? I love this yarn, the color is divine, I love that the stockinette edge at the bottom *doesn't* roll and the drape is fantastic!

I just hope that I have enough yarn and that the damn thing fits me well. I'm thinking it might be wise to pop in another long cable onto my Denise needles so that I can see how it really fits around my torso before I get too far into the body.

Finally, I have my first iris bloom of the season!

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