Monday, March 12, 2007

Yes, I've been Knitting!

I've gotten a lot done in the past week! Finished the body of my top down sweater and started on the first sleeve in addition to the following projects:

I finished my new felted clogs. My previous pair had to sadly be tossed into the bin after I walked holes into the bottoms of them. :( They will be sorely missed, however, I *LOVE* these hot pink ones! Wool is Cascade 200 and the novelty by diVe is called "Vermicelli". As always, this is a quick and easy pattern to knit up and since my feet are the smallest size, I can crank these out in a weekend.

How could I not have a pair of socks on the needles? These are a lace pattern that I've managed to screw up about 5 rows back and have no intention fixing since it's not life threatening that it's wrong and quite honestly, I'm probably the only person who will ever notice. The yarn is Trekking XXL in colorway 107. I like how they are coming out. The heels will be the Queen Kahauna gusset heel for toe-up socks.

Here is one of the current projects that I am the most proud of! This is my first go at Norwegian steeking, you can see the row of stitches up the front of this fair-isle tube where I will be (gasp!) be cutting this into a cardigan. I then have to cut out sides where the sleeves will be placed. Ok, so it's only teddy bear sized, but none the less I'm jazzed about learning a new technique and am thrilled at how it's come so far. Recognize the Cascade 200 leftovers from my clogs? This actually knit up really fast, I did the whole body yesterday at the shop.

And finally, yesterday at the shop we were brainstorming about new class ideas, so I volunteered to knit up a golf club cover for as a store model for an April class. I still need to duplicate stitch in a number "'3" to mark which club it goes on. This was pretty fast as well, I started last night, got 1/4 of the way through the houndstooth in about 2.5 hours. I finished it today in about another 2 hours.

I've really gotten into colorwork lately and have been working very hard at practicing the tension on two handed stranding!


Jinann said...

Oh my! I absolutely LOVE your felted clogs! They look FABULOUS!

Terri Lynn said...

Love the clogs too, but am really loving the lacy sock. What pattern are you using?

Pixie said...

The socks are basic toe up using the Crazy Toes and Heel method and the lace is from the Quill socks on