Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Sweater is growing!

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Here's the progress after one week. I'm at the "quick" part now -- round and round and round on the body. This morning I started at where the arms were divided so I got a TON done today while I was at the shop. It's easier for me to mindlessly knit while chatting -- and I had a wonderful afternoon of idle gossip and chatter to keep my needles flying.

I don't really want to do the hem with standard ribbing, so I think I'm going to give whirl at a turned under hem.

Originally uploaded by BoxerPixie.
Last night I stopped working my sweater at the armpits so that I could stop in at the shop to get confirmation that I was stopping at the right spot.

And because I can't bear to watch a movie and just sit on the couch, I started new felted slippers! I walked big holes in my first pair and really needed to get moving on these. This is possibly one of the *easiest* and fastest projects around. I started and completed this last night, I do need to make the outer sole and the second slipper, so by Wednesday I imagine you'll see them on my feet.

Yarn: Cascade 200 with 'Vermicelli' novelty yarn in the cuff.

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