Sunday, March 18, 2007

Top Down Sweater 03-2007

Top Down Sweater 03-2007
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99% done and I have just a small bit of yarn left on the current skein.

I hope it's enough to finish the neckline, if not I do have another whole skein of this yarn. I was hoping to not have to use it so that I could return it for something else, but oh well, if I do, right? It's better to have too much yarn than not enough. :) If I do have to use the final skein, I'm also going to unravel the bottom edge and make a turned under hem instead of the ribbing and make it a bit longer.

Ok, I've mentally worked through this sweater via this post....I'll use the last skein so that I CAN make it longer and with a turned under hem.

On Friday I was looking at the little lace socks, decided I couldn't live with the miscount in the lace and pulled both of them off the needles and re-balled the skein. I re-cast on and am almost back at the same point at the picture in the post down a little further on this page. I also started and almost completed the first arm for my bear sweater this morning at the shop, thought it looked to big, pulled it all out and THEN asked Kati's opinion to which she replied that the arm should look big in comparison to the body since teddy bears aren't shaped like people. shit...back to square one.

I stopped at Blockbuster and got three movies, so in about two minutes I'm going to head back out to the sunroom, pop in a movie and crank out two sleeves for the bear sweater before I reward myself with an amazing bottle of wine. :)


Knittymama said...
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sp10 said...

Ooops, that deleted one was me:-) Nearly blew my cover already.

Your sweater is just beautiful! I love the color.

Pixie said...

LOL! I promised I deleted the email that came to me that listed your profile. I was tempted to look after I saw your message but for once I'm not going to ruin my own surprise. :)

Terri Lynn said...

Great sweater and cuteness for the bear.