Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yet more socks....

I've had this sock yarn hanging around in the yarn bin forever -- actually it was some of the first sock yarn I ever bought at the old YarnArts location BEFORE I even knew how to knit socks. :)

Yarn Used: Schoeller Stahl Limbo Mexiko in Color 2587
Needle: Addi Turbo US 3 60" Magic Loop
Pattern: Based on Crazy Heels and Toe heel and math (toe up - two at once)

I cast these on on Tuesday night when I finished up the felted bag and got them completed through the first heel. Last night I finished the second heel and completed the leg all the way to the cast off. This morning I cast them off with the stretchy crochet cast off in the CTH book. I've got small feet so socks are a quick project for me; especially with thicker yarn and a US 3 needle.

Before I cast them on, I pulled out oodles of yarn from each ball trying to match up the pattern for identical socks. I finally got frustrated and figured I'd go with "fraternal" socks instead. About 15 rows into the socks, I realized that the two balls were wound in opposite pattern direction -- which I thought was very weird and I've never had this happen in self striping yarn?

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Anonymous said...

That has happened to me before and it took me a couple of CastOn's before I realized what the problem was so don't feel bad.

I really need to learn this magic loop thing. Seems like everybody is doing it, ya know?
However, it would take a lot of convincing to take me away from my DPN's.

Glad to meet another Denver Knitter...seems like I only run into CA or NY knitters.

You should check out my new KAL and Yahoo Group. Rocky Mountain Knitters

Hope to have you as a member! Feel free to tell other Denver Knitters About it!