Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finished Object: Moebius Felted Bag

Pattern: Based loosely on a bag pattern from Cat Bordhi's Second Treasury of Magical Knitting.

Yarn Used: JJ's Handpainted Kaleidoscope(rainbow) and Galway Pure Wool Worsted Weight (purple)
Needles: US 11

Here's the bag unfelted, with Allie, a small boxer dog, for size reference (and tiny cat in the upper left corner...)

Here's the bag post felting (14 minutes in the washer). Again with Allie, the same small boxer dog, for size reference:

I love Cat's moebius knitting technique and have made a number of her projects. Once you get the hang of the cast on, the patterns are quick and easy to knit up.

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Anonymous said...

So cool that you made that bag. I totally want to make that bag but I don't have the book or therefore, the pattern. I must make that bag! Only, I want to make it bigger