Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dirk's Sweater 2006

Dirk's Sweater 2006
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Here's where I was yesterday afternoon. Last night I finished the first sleeve and started the second sleeve.

Obviously the sweater didn't get completed in time for Christmas, but our wedding anniversary is this weekend, so I'm hoping to have it done for then!

The sweater is laying on top of one of my husband's favorite sweaters so that I could check the size -- and they are almost exactly the same.

The grey faced boy in the photo is an extremely nosy boxer dog who refused to get out of any of the shots I was trying to take. He just turned 10 years old, so he'd allowed to be a pain in the ass....that and I adore him. :)

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Ruth Anne said...

Hi Pixie!

I too live in Colorado. I'm in West Denver about a mile as the crow flies from the stadium.
As far as I'm concerned, it's still Christmas... remember the old song about having 12 days of Christmas? You have time to make it a "Christmas" present.. until Jan 6th.
My anniversary is next weekend too. We got married on New Year's Eve three years ago.
I love the sweater! I've been trying to find the perfect pattern to make one for my hubby. But, it seems I keep getting sidetracked by patterns for the kids instead. We have four at home: 8 yr old twin daughters, 5 yr old son and our little baby "surprise" who is 2 1/2yrs.
Hope your Christmas was jolly and warm! I hope we don't get snowed in again! DH is out right now tryin to rig up some chains for our '78 Suburban, so I can get to work this evening.
God Bless and I love your blog. I have one too, but since I've started working in October, I haven't had time to post much.