Thursday, August 10, 2006

What's up with my Mystery Stole, you ask?

Honestly, nothing.

It's been sitting in it's bag resting.

I got all wrapped up in finishing the Clapotis project for a while there, and then when I stopped in at YarnArts for a beer, erhm, I mean to knit the other day I needed something to work on that did not require 100% concentration, a chart, two colors of highlighters etc., so I figured out the Magic Loop technique to cast on two socks at once on one needle.

The two sock project is going well so far, but I'll a little fuzzy on how I'm going to do the heels. I'll do one and if I'm totally confused, it's easy enough to slide one sock onto stitch holders while I turn the second heel.

I'm off to the Nanci Griffith concert tonight with a friend, and of course my two little socks on one needle are stuffed into the bag with a bottle of wine, some hummus, pita bread and some granola. I'm a hippy girl at heart who can't go anywhere without knitting, granola and a bottle of wine. :)

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