Monday, August 14, 2006

Completed Socks: Magic Loop 2 Socks at Once

Originally uploaded by BoxerPixie.
I've been dying to try the Magic Loop process to make two socks at once on one long circular. I cast the socks on Friday a week ago, worked on them here and there and finished them up last night!


It seemed to go much faster this way than with the '2 circular/1 sock at a time' method I have used in the past and I'm thrilled at the results. The best part is that the foot sections and leg sections are the same length, unlike my other socks that don't quite match.

Have a full glass of wine, empty needles and sock more yarn in my basket -- life is good!

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Judy said...

Thank you for the inspiration. YOur picture helped me getting going in the right direction and I now have 1" done on 2 socks!