Sunday, August 27, 2006

Crazy Toes & Heels Socks #2

I started yet another pair of socks last week -- the day after finishing up the previous pair. I tell you socks are my "crack addiction" of the knitting world. With the current pair I used the "no wrap" short row heels, but without the gusset like the previous pair, from the CTH book. One word: wow! The heels have no unsightly gaps along the middle like most of my short rows. Only one hole and that was due to a malfunction of the needles, ok, ok, it was operator error.

These socks are also done with a chevron pattern from the Sensational Socks book. I got both heels turned this afternoon and am making my way up the legs this evening.

I'm going to feed the dogs, open another Heineken and settle down in the sunroom to try to get 1/2 way up the cuffs on these socks.

(And no, I don't have any updated on the Mystery Stole. Still on Clue 3, side 2. It's taken a back seat to my sock obession...maybe I should change the blog name?)

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