Monday, August 07, 2006

I've shed the Clap......

Originally uploaded by BoxerPixie.
Last night I finished up my Clapotis! It was a fairly easy project, just had to watch your markers and pay attention to the pattern. I'd definately make this one again.

I haven't blocked it and am not sure if I will. It's fairly large -- to big to wear like a scarf while I eat crossiants.... but will look great as a light wrap while I drink wine in the park.

I'll get my lovely husband to get a photo of me wearing it later this week.

EDIT: Karen, thanks for the suggestion NOT to block this project!


KarenK said...

Don't block your lovely Clapotis! The designer herself (Kate Gilbert) has said specifically that blocking the Clapotis will ruin the curling/rippling effect that makes it so special. I belong to a Yahoo Clapotis-knitalong group and the few people who did mistakenly block their Clapotis have said that they wish they hadn't done it. I've made three Clapotis and didn't have to block any of them. (I love to wear mine purl side out to show off the rippling stitches in the dropped rows.)

Diane said...

Great job! I love the color yarn you used.