Sunday, November 25, 2007

Entrelac Hat - FINISHED

This is a wacky husband modeling the hat before it was felted.

The pattern was written by a wonderful friend of mine and once I got past the frustration of having NO idea how to knit entrelac, it was fun and fast.

Note: The issues wasn't so much with the pattern but with me. Once I get frustrated with something it takes me a bit to get past not getting it to just sit down and think the pattern through.

We also got a photo of our brindle boy modeling the pre-felted hat...he was not pleased at all and did not see the humor in the photo taking event that we did.

And now onto a photo of the finished hat post-felting!

The hat is a little too big for me and unfortunately are "girly" colors because it fits Dirk perfectly. He's been wearing it around the house the past few days just to tease me that it fits him so well.


Jeanne said...

Great hat! It is too bad it doesn't fit - could you felt it down a little more? Great job though - especially since its your first time with entralac!

tangled stitch said...

It's a lovely color and it makes a real fashion statement on your significant other!