Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Project Update

I am about 20 repeats in the green mohair Knitty.com 'Branching Out' scarf for my mother in law and because I am almost to the end, I am trying to resist the urge to cast on a new project.

I started the second fingerless glove for Dirk, but just need to sit down and work on it if I think I'm going to have them done any time soon. The pressure as a holiday gift is off since he knows about them.

Saturday night was my work holiday party and I wore my red cashmere/silk Mystery Stole 2 and it was so lovely over an all black outfit (paired with my red, black and white cowboy boots!). I had a few people ask if I made it and one woman grabbed the end of it and gently tugged me over to her husband to show it to him (blush). Then she foolishly asked if I could make her something "similar but not as complex". I just chuckled as MY husband laughed so loud the cat jumped.

My LYS, YarnArts of Parker, just got in some *divine* handdyed alpaca yarn from a local farm (Lonesome Stone) and it was SO HARD to walk away from it and leave it all by it's 'lonesome' on the shelf.

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Maureen said...

Cute holiday story! Love that your husband got a kick out of it too! I'm sure you looked lovely in the shawl. It is a piece of art!