Sunday, December 23, 2007

Danica Scarf

Danica Scarf
Originally uploaded by BoxerPixie.
This is a *FAST* knit! I just started this last night, worked on it while watching my husband watch The Simpson movie. Took it to YarnArts today and tried to work on it a bit between yip-yaping with Kathleen, Joy, Sophia and everyone else that popped in and out.

This was to be a Yule Swap gift, however, since Yule was on Friday, I totally missed the deadline. However, my lovely swap partner has known that I was going to miss the date and it's all good.

The pattern is well written and moving along quickly. Dirk wants one in the team color for the Wolverhampton Wolves, the English Football team we follow. YarnArts has the *perfect* golden yellow/orange color in Misson Falls wool and I'm excited since I thought it would be an odd shade to try to match up. The second color in the scarf will be black.


Jeanne said...

Beautiful scarf!

Maureen said...

It is just beautiful! Love the color and how well it shows the pattern!