Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Cabled Cardigan is Going Well!

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Here's an update on the cable front cardigan that I started recently. The raglan sleeves are waiting on stitch holders and now I'm just going round and round and round on the body.

The pattern calls for ribbing at the bottom, but I think I'm going to skip that bit. It also calls for the collar to be stitched in half towards the inside to give it weight, again I think I'm going to skip that and instead fold it to the outside.

I can't remember if the sleeves are supposed to be ribbed at the cuffs, but I don't think I'd like that either. I wonder if I could pick up stitched and make a cable around the cuff?

Other suggestions on a different cuff idea?

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Anonymous said...

You are a yarn whore.

It's spectacular!! The cables are beautiful... you're doing a great job!!

Your blog is impressive... you must have been a master knitter in a previous life.

Your Favorite Fiber Snob Sister...Roxanne