Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sockotta Socks

Sockotta Socks
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Yesterday I finally finished the gussets and turned the heels on these socks. I've had little time to knit lately and have been so anxious to finish these socks so that I can start a pair of Monkey socks. Since I'm on the "non-thinking" cuffs, I can get these finished in no time. I'm at the perfect spot in the project for working on them on the train on the way into work. Again, I love this Sockotta yarn!

Had a nice small beginner Toe-Up Sock class yesterday at YarnArts and everyone seemed to have a good time. I love teaching classes there and today I have part 1 of a Beginner's Knit Workshop.

Mystery Stole 3 will most likely get some attention this evening. Last week there was a tragic accident that involved a mistake that turned into a disaster when I tried to correct it. I wound up ripping out the first 15 rows of Clue 3.

Well, it's off to the shower and the farmer's market for me.

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