Monday, February 05, 2007

Remember this Project?

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To refresh your memory, last year I signed up for a "Mystery Stole" KAL online.

I had always admired lace knitting, stoles and wanted to give them both a go. Being me, I jumped with both feet into a project that really tested my inabilities. Never knitted with laceweight yarn? [Nope.] Never used a chart? [Huh? What's a chart?]

In the past two days, 2 different people asked me whatever happened with this project. To both I admitted that it was "resting" in it's project bag, patiently awaiting me to pull it back it out one day.

Today was that day. I pulled out the tote, gently unrolled the work, straightened out the needles and took a good look at it. Are there mistakes? You betcha. Can I live with them? Hell, yes.

All in all, taking a good look what I've already completed, I did really well for not having a good idea what I was doing and just knitting along without a clue. (laugh).

Dirk is working late tonight, so I'm going to sit down with with this project and try to knock out the last 2/3's of side 1 of Chart 3. The black lines are placeholders across the work to section off each of the charts, which start in the middle. On the far left side you can see that I've got quite a few rows of side 1/chart 3 already started.

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Marly said...

good for you.