Thursday, November 16, 2006


Everyone knows that I will immediately open any box or bag given to me no matter how far it is from the date of celebration.

Yesterday I got an envelope in the mail from my in-laws. I asked my husband if I could open the envelope. He said yes, but if anything inside had wrapping paper on it I couldn't open it. SUCCESS! Just a white jewelry box. :) (With nice blown glass earrings inside)

Today I got a big box from my mom. I called her to tell it got it. Her reply? "You opened it already didn't you?" I didn't. I waited until we were on the phone together. She was smart -- she gave me unwrapped goodies in the big box to try to keep me out of the other smaller box inside that was sealed with tape. I told her it was a shame that she used such crappy packing tape -- the small box just 'popped' open ALL ON IT'S OWN! (nah, she didn't believe me either...)

Anyway, I am now the giddy owner of the new KnitPicks Options needle set. However, I do think I'm going to still save up for a Denise set as well. A girl needs choices in her life, don't cha' think?

PS My husband is an enabler -- he actually went upstairs and brought back down a wrapped gift that he had hidden away that I was not supposed to see until Saturday. I opened it. And I love my new boxer dog sculpture.

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