Monday, September 25, 2006

Two Socks on the Needle

Two Socks on the Needle
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Back when I was learning to knit I made a poncho -- very badly. The poncho had dropped stitches, my gauge was off by a mile, the tension was all over the place, it didn't fit well and in a nutshell was as a disaster.

However, not being a wasteful person I recently carefully ripped out the poncho, balled up the yarn and tucked it into my "to be knit" stash basket.

When we left on our most recent road trip I tossed this yarn into my travel bag and started a pair of socks with it on the way home. :) They are *way* nicer than the crappy poncho. The yarn is an acrylic blend by Encore in worsted weight. But I am using a 2.25 mm/ US1 needle (magic loop) so they are a super tight knit and looking great.

I won't talk about how I'd ripped the heels out no less than 4 times because the yarn was splitting on me since the heels are now done and have no holes in the short row wraps.

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