Thursday, September 21, 2006

Missing in Action, but Still Knitting

I have been trotting around Colorado, Utah, a bit of Arizona and into Nevada with friends from Britian over the past week and a half. However, this did not prevent me from starting and finishing one pair of socks and casting on another pair. :)

A friend gave me the leftovers of some sock yarn from a pair of socks she just finished and was able to make a pair of anklets using the yarn. So, now we have matching socks. How sweet...

I also cast on another pair of "Fetching", but didn't do something right on the pattern and wound up getting to the final rows on the second one and realized they did not match. (rolls eyes). I ripped out the second one, THEN realized that the first one is the wrong one. Twice I've tried to recreate what I did wrong on glove one with no luck. To keep down my frustration, I'm going to rip out the first glove as well and tuck away the yarn for another project.

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