Thursday, September 21, 2006

Little Pink and Sparkly Socks

Originally uploaded by BoxerPixie.
Here are the little anklets I made on the drive down to Las Vegas over the weekend. As always it's nearly impossible to take a good picture of your own feet and capture the colors as well!

The pattern was 2 socks on 2 circs toe up with aloha long tail cast on and the 'crazy toes and heels' heel with side gussets and a slip stitch patterned heel. I also stopped the ribbing around the ankle so that the stockinette would make a nice little curled edge.

Yarn is a Fortissma in pink with stripes and a silver metallic fleck that was gifted to me by a friend who had part of a ball left over from her anklets. In hindsight I should have kept going up the leg since I still have yarn left over, but honestly, I'm impatient and just wanted the socks off the needles and on my feet.

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