Sunday, September 21, 2008

Koolhaas Hat Stress

Everything was going well....then I realized I had a significant error about 5 to 6 rows back. And that was 5 to 6 rows back through teeny tiny 1 stitch cables in a variety of directions...

Kristina held my hand over the phone and encouraged me to set it aside and what ever I did not just rip out the whole project.

So, I had a beer, watched some television, sat in the garden, kissed my boxers and then took a fresh look at the hat and started slowly ripping and working my way back to the row that was wrong.
I got everything back where it's supposed to be but then couldn't figure how which row of the 8 stitch repeat I'd ripped back to. So I stuffed the whole project into it's little baggie and moved onto something else.

Maybe later today I'll give another go at it.

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