Sunday, March 16, 2008 'Wisp' Wisp
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Apparently I have an illness that prevents me from finishing a project before I start a new one, but for this one I really had a good reason.

I got a phone call this morning to see if I could head over to YarnArts until someone else could get there to open the shop. When I got there I realized I didn't have a project with me to keep me occupied for the 45 minutes I would need to be there -- can you imagine the horror!?

Anyway, I grabbed some mohair and some needles that were floating around in my bag and started on 'Wisp' from in Mango Moon Pash-Mohair. You looking at how far I got before I left.

Central Park Hoodie Update: I'm almost to the sleeve caps! I plan to knock them out tonight while sitting on the couch.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that condition is called UFOitis. The only known cure is to lock up your stash and your wallet (so you can't access new yarn) until you've finished whatever project is currently on your needles.

If the knitter is particularly resistant, she can be shipped off to yarn-free zone until the current UFO is finished. Say, Antarctica.

(You realize, of course, that this cure will work for only a limited time. Eventually, some enterprising knitter will open a local yarn shop in Antarctica.)