Saturday, February 23, 2008


Originally uploaded by BoxerPixie.
Spent the afternoon at YarnArt fondling the new colors of Cascade 220. Managed NOT to bring any home. However, when I got home I realized that balls of Rowan DK Cashsoft, 4 balls of Regia Bamboo Sock Yarn and 2 more balls of Rowan Tweed jumped in my car with me.

What in the HELL is wrong with me? I need more yarn like, well, like a yarn whore needs more yarn.

I can justify the Rowan Tweed, they are the "just in case I need more yarn " for my Central Park Hoodie. And I've never used Bamboo sock yarn....and well, Cashsoft 35% off? Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

For a minute there, I thought the photo of the Wall o' Yarn was a photo of all the new yarn you'd just bought. Whew!

(Not that this would've been a bad thing, of course...)

Yosemite said...

It is perfectly understandable. When I was reading and you said you managed to come home without getting more Cascade 220 I thought "Wow, I couldn't have done that." I usually get something when I go to a LYS. I can't walk out empty handed and I have TONS of yarn at home.