Monday, January 26, 2009

Soap Socks

Soap Socks
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On Friday nights my knitting group meets at the local Panera Bread. We are a loud group who can be a handful. Yet, the staff is awesome to us. The manager always stops by to see what we are doing and occasionally brings us brownies and bread on the house. Two of the other staff are also always so friendly, so my friend Kristina suggested we make each of them a little something.

She is making the cotton washcloths/dish rags and I made these little soap bags.

Super quick and easy knit, each of these took about an hour.


Carrie Penny said...

Hey, Found you on coffee swap. I just wanted to say, I love making soap socks, but once I do, I have nothing to do with them... I don't use soap for anything around the house... yours are super cute though! I love the color grouping of the colors!

Marsha said...

I still have the soap sock you made for me when you were my upstream Secret Pal. As I recall, you used to it "wrap" a chocolate bar... :)

Anonymous said...

How funny that I am looking for a soap sock pattern and find you! My group meets at Panera one Monday a month! I love the place and the staff there is really good to us, too. happy knitting

Yolie said...

I'm a soap buddy/sock fan myself. Great work !