Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mystery Stole 3

Mystery Stole 3
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I'm plugging away at this project again. I'm on chart E and feel like as much as I knit, I'm not getting anywhere. But I'm determined to finish this project, I'm not one for bailing on a project part way through...though let's not talk about the fingerless gloves, ok?

The weird thing is that I *know* this project will take two skeins of the Alpaca with a Twist and I can't find the second skein. I've turned the house upside down -- and found other yarns that I forgot I had. My yarn is stored in two spots in the house, so this skein can't be anywhere else?

I can only assume that it is in the same place that my 'Victorian Lace Today' book is. I *know* I own this book, but have no idea where it is. I've looked everywhere.

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