Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Time No Chat

Life has been a little topsy-turvy lately due to two surgeries on one of our boxers and I haven't (gasp!) been knitting very much. Our boxer is recovering well, so no worries on that front.

However, last weekend I did resurrect Mystery Stole 3 from Pink Lemon Twist in an effort to finish it. I do have one snafu a few inches back that it bothering the hell out of me, but the lack of a lifeline anywhere tells me that I will just have to live with the mistake. I wore my Mystery Stole 2 to work yesterday and that always makes for a great day/ I'm hoping to wear Mystery Stole 3 soon!

I've also been plugging away on my husband's socks. I told him that my next husband was going to have to have smaller feet. He didn't laugh.

We did get another large wooden bookshelf in the office so that I have a place to store my knitting books and magazines and I've been taking yarn out of the misc bags and putting it in totes so that at least it's all in one place of a sort.

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Marsha said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about the surgeries, but glad to know the boxer is doing well.