Monday, May 05, 2008

Maxwell and the Yarn

Maxwell and the Yarn
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I've had this lovely Cascade Sierra Quattro in my stash for awhile and wanted to make something with it. I thought a nice cotton lace hat would fit what I wanted.

I started a hat on Saturday afternoon, knitting on and off through two movies and cast it off that night.

It was too big.

You're looking at it neatly frogged into a cute little green yarn cake.

However, if nothing else, I'm persistent.

Yesterday, Dirk and I stopped at YarnArts to pick up some US 7 DPN and I re-cast on and I knitting through some mindless television, knitted through "Life with the Kombai" and knitted through the evening news...

It's a crappy photo, but Dirk did get a new digital camera yesterday, so as soon as I recharge the battery on his old one, I'll get better photos.

The pattern is "Halley's Comet"

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