Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stagnant Projects

Of course I started a new pair of socks as soon as I finished the Purple Splendor Wildfoote ones...Trekking XXL color #163.

The stitch pattern is 'Crosshatch Lace' from C. Schurch's More Sensational Knitted Socks.

In hindsight, not the best yarn and stitch pattern combo to compliment both to their best, but I like my variegated socks to have some kind of texture and I liked the look of this pattern.

I now realize that I have oodles of variegated and self striping sock yarn in my stash and not enough plain colors. (insert magical sound) I predict a shopping splurge with KnitPicks in my future. (exit magical sound)

You can see to the right that my Mystery Stole 3 and my Knitty Branching Out scarf are both stagnant. I'm to the beginning of Clue 4 on MS3, but just haven't been able to put the necessary brain power into working on it. The scarf is just irritating to me, but I'd like to finish it and give it to my mother-in-law for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I need to think about what I'd like to make for my mom as well. Maybe I'll pick a different lacy scarf -- any suggestions? I'd like the pattern to be fairly simple so that I can get it done quickly.

Well, I better get in to the shower and cleaned up so that when my friend Mardi gets here I am ready to head out to kiss on some alpacas.

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Marsha said...

Well, the only lacey scarf I've ever knit is the dragon-scale scarf I recently completed. (I love it!) If you used a lighter yarn--I bet seacell would drape beautifully--that might work for your mom.