Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What I've been doing...

*Still working on the Column of Leaves scarf. It's coming along just fine, it's eating yarn up like you would not believe though! I'm definitely going to use every inch of the 440 yards that I have.

* Little pink socks on the needles as well. I'm rarely without a pair of socks in progress. :) The yarn is a cotton/elastic blend that I picked up over the summer. I can't find the ball band ANYWHERE and I'm in desperate need of a second ball. We no longer have it at the shop, so I'm hoping that I can show it to the owner or someone else at the shop and they'll recognize it. Otherwise, these socks are just going to be anklets.

Next projects I'm thinking about:

* Elann's Pinwheel Cardi: I love the look and am dreaming about the colors I'll choose.

* I'm so intrigued by steeking a fair isle sweater, so I've got a pattern for a small teddy bear sweater that will be knit fair isle in the round before I....gulp...cut out the arm holes. I figure I'll start with a small sweater. It can't be THAT hard to knit up a sweater that you've put a lot of time and effort into can it? (LOL)

It's snowing here again. I'm all wrapped up in my zip front fleece onesie. Dirk calls it "the potato sack". It's basically a big square of fleece that zips up the front, has long sleeves and two little ribbed holes all the way down at the bottom where my feet poke out. It's amazingly comfortable and perfect for lounging around in.


jenna said...

thanks for posting about the pinwheel cardi! I knew that I saw it somewhere and couldn't remember where! I think that your shawl is just beautiful..I can't wait to see it finished!.........jenna

Pixie said...

I can't wait to see the shawl finished either! (laugh)