Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mystery Stole Clue 1 first half -- DONE!

I have been stressing out at the thought of pulling the provisional cast on and catching the live stitches for the second half of clue 1 -- apparently for no reason.

Using the second circular I first grabbed 5-6 stitches UNDER the crochet cast on BEFORE pulling the waste yarn out, then grabbed another 5-6 stitches and so on. Doing it in bits like this let me see if I missed picking up a stitch and everything was just fine.

My plan for this evening is to sit on the couch and start the second half of clue 1.

(the black thread at the top of the photo is my last lifeline. I plan to put another one in on the last row of clue 1 and also on the stitches picked up at the bottom for the second half. The lifelines are the greatest stress reliever! In the first 50 rows I did have to rip back about 3 rows when I missed a stitch and in trying to fix it make it worse, but thanks to my little lifeline, I ripped out 3 rows and went on my merry way

This pattern has been easy to read (thank you Melanie!) and I adore the recycled yarn I got from Dawn at Twice Sheered Sheep.

So my verdict so far on lace knitting is that I'm enjoying it can't wait to see the finished stole!


Jeni said...

Your stole looks wonderful!!! I need to find a better way to post pictures of mine so you can actually see the work. How far along on clue 2 are you?

Diane said...

Very nice. I love the color.